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This makes me sad, as police here are well trained on reporting bullying and harassment inside the force, for the simple reason to upkeep public support.

Without public support, the police cannot work. Think of the term POLICEMAN.

From the Greek or Latin, polis means city, or people or population, depending on context.

Policeman, is a man of the city, or the population. He is there to help and to protect the population.

If the Union says something that stops someone that swore to do that job, then the problems run deeper than just the unions.

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Full scale terra map, 12 civilizations and me, China, everyone had denounced and back stabbed each other by 20th century… Except me. I only got 2 denunciations… Until I denounced my neighbour, Gandhi, who had back stabbed me after DoF (I am fairly certain he was the root of the wave of denunciations), had high amount of culture and had researched the Manhattan project (war against him ensued soon)

I got some important and strong allies near me (Russia and Persia) but in return, everyone else had denounced me and that I was in for one crazy political circus

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Yeah but I can guarantee you that DE isn’t done with warframe. They want the game to last much longer than it already has. In order to do that, they need to know what the community wants. I wasn’t trying to bitch about the game or about DE. I know there are people that can play this game and still have a lot of fun despite its repetitive nature. I was speaking solely on my own problems when I play the game and things that I think could possibly alleviate that. I also made this post to see if others felt the same and too see what ideas they have thought of for warframe. I’m not demanding anything from the game just discussing the way I feel when I play it as of now and what I would like to see in the future.

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Also generally if you are trying to build muscle you will actually need to eat more calories. I noticed how much leaner I looked the last few weeks and was sure I dropped like 10 pounds. Weighed myself today and I’m the same if not a bit heavier. Think I lost a bit of fat and just leaned out but the muscle mass made me weight as much or more. Pretty excited 😀

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☂Here’s why you’ll want to squeeze the Google Pixel 2

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The Google Pixel 2 is coming later this year — and we’re hearing it may have a squeezable frame. open link

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Of course it does. A radical terrorist does not consider killing infidels as wrong. Therefore he does not view it as murder. A soldier on the field does not consider killing an enemy combatant to be wrong. Therefore he does not consider it murder. A moral vegetarian may see killing a conscious animal as wrong, therefore he may consider it murder.

But as an example, let’s say a child raises his a firearm against a soldier in hostile territory and, in self-defense, he shoots and kills the child. This could understandably create some problems with a man’s conscience. Most of the Western world sees killing a child as wrong no matter the circumstances and in this case he may view himself as a murderer. But he may also say he had no choice and acted out of self-preservation so he did nothing wrong. If murder is defined as an unjust killing of another person then it has everything to do with what that person feels is right or wrong.