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☂Here’s why you’ll want to squeeze the Google Pixel 2

July 17, 2017

Hey friend,

The Google Pixel 2 is coming later this year — and we’re hearing it may have a squeezable frame. open link

See you around, Kirk Lennon

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Of course it does. A radical terrorist does not consider killing infidels as wrong. Therefore he does not view it as murder. A soldier on the field does not consider killing an enemy combatant to be wrong. Therefore he does not consider it murder. A moral vegetarian may see killing a conscious animal as wrong, therefore he may consider it murder.

But as an example, let’s say a child raises his a firearm against a soldier in hostile territory and, in self-defense, he shoots and kills the child. This could understandably create some problems with a man’s conscience. Most of the Western world sees killing a child as wrong no matter the circumstances and in this case he may view himself as a murderer. But he may also say he had no choice and acted out of self-preservation so he did nothing wrong. If murder is defined as an unjust killing of another person then it has everything to do with what that person feels is right or wrong.


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